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Our staff regularly author and partner with others to develop thought provoking papers on issues that are relevant to our clients. Below is a list of our recent and most popular articles.  If you are interested in having the Analyst Desk lend its perspective on an issue that is relevant to our clients, or would like to request we author an article tailored for your needs, please contact us at

Materiality Assessments: The missing link for sustainability strategy

Authors: Mark Serwinowski, Michael Muyot, Bart King

Materiality is a hot topic among CSR professionals grappling with questions of what to report, and how. As the name implies, the so-called “materiality assessment” promises to answer these questions, showing an organization the activities, impacts and achievements it should communicate to stakeholders. But what exactly is a materiality assessment?

Planning for a Sustainable Future

Contributor: Mark Serwinowski

This report is a snapshot of the issues that are in the budgets and on the minds of 17 corporate EHS and sustainability leaders and eight (8) recognized experts from the broader environmental business movement.


What these conversations with corporate leaders revealed is a sophisticated, systemic ...

Navigating True North

Authors: Michael Muyot

I recently traveled to Sydney, Australia to attend the Green Leaders Summit held at the Sofitel and the Investing in Responsibility Conference: Enhanced ESG Analysis and Engagement held at the Credit Suisse Conference Hall. It was a lengthy journey albeit well worth the extended travel hours to see firsthand how Sydney is becoming a genuine gateway into the rest of Australia, China and other Asian countries. The current Five Year Plan for China is a "Going Out" & ...

MetaVu and CRD Analyics Announce Strategic Partnership

The MetaVu/CRD Analytics relationship will provide immediate value to organizations through a unique combination of sustainability products and services. Best-in-class investment analytics from CRD Analytics will be united with award-winning advisory services and organizational performance tools from MetaVu. As a result, organizations will be able to positively impact financial and operational performance, with a strategic focus on measuring the return on sustainable investments and improving shareholder value.

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