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What's Your Sustainability Story?

Sustainable Development (SD) is the business imperative to manage environmental, social and economic performance of a product, service or business model.

Positioned as an investment strategy, sustainability provides a framework to measure the environmental and social performance of a company's product, services and business model - throughout its value chain and supply chain.

The Return on Investment (SDROI) is the result when an enterprise stewards resources and capital efficiently to create value for all stakeholders. 

For publically traded companies - SDROI is measured in Shareholder Value – the primary performance-based metric indicating an organization's value.  SDROI can be directly mapped to sustainability efforts and their associated impacts on profitability and capital costs.   

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Mark Serwinowski CEO





Mark Serwinowski, Founder and CEO of MetaVu, and Michael Muyot, Founder of CRD Analytics, recently held an interview on how materiality assessments are the missing link for sustainability strategy which was published by

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MetaVu has been a Global Reporting Initative (GRI) organizational stakeholder since 2007.

As an organizational stakeholder, MetaVu has an integral role in the development of this preeminent and comprehensive sustainability reporting framework.  To learn more about GRI and its' new G4 framework deployment click here.


MetaVu is a strategic partner of CRD Analytics, the creator of SmartView 360™,which powers the NASDAQ OMX QCRD Global Sustainability Index.

Through this strategic partnersnhip MetaVu and CRD Analytics deliver the Analyst Desk, a joint asset that manages QCRD operatons and delivers analyticics and advisory services.  To read more about this strategic partnership click here.


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